The young child got a prize for turning the tree stump into a…

A teenager without any sewing expertise creates a creative holiday concept with librarian Sharlee Armitage Howard. He built a modest, free community library close to his home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, inside a 110-year-old tree. Amazing was the outcome, especially for book lovers.

Despite the fact that we live in a world that is becoming more and more digital and have instant access to a wealth of knowledge and data, there is still something magical about books.

Contrary to the speed of mobile screens, being able to immerse oneself in literary fiction and read silently can be enjoyable since it fosters the development of important abilities like critical thinking and empathy.

In light of this, a nonprofit group called Little Free Library is doing its part to preserve our love of reading by “creating a love of reading, establishing community, and encouraging creativity by promoting book sharing. of the region.” globally. The first of several libraries being constructed in the state of Idaho is the one established by Sharalee.

The end of the tree’s life of the place has been named “Library of the Little Tree” by North Americans (whose species lives about 40 to 50 years). Inside, there are stone steps, a welcoming glass entrance, and outside lighting that creates a comfortable storybook atmosphere.

The Little Tree Library, nonetheless, has a literary purpose despite its minor elements. Small plaques in the shape of books that are located just above the door call to mind some of the great masterpieces, such as “The Hobbit.”

When Sharalee initially posted about his initiative on Facebook months ago, he got a resoundingly favorable response. His imagination affected many individuals.

Through the non-profit Little Free Library, which promotes book lending and exchange in local communities, Sharalee keeps up her collection (over 75,000 books have been distributed to date and the number continues to grow). Reading lives on. she’ll wear to the ball with her companion