Look at how this professor took the class with his baby with him! Video attached!

Professor Nathan Alexander cared for the infant while teaching for 50 minutes and even continued the discussion after class while still keeping the infant close.

A Morehouse professor received recognition for being courteous to a young parent who was a student. The image of Professor Nathan Alexander lecturing in a classroom has now gone viral. It appears to be an ordinary day.

Only one thing has changed. She was seen walking about with a baby inside of a shell. A young father once brought his kid to school. He was five months old. You have every reason to stay at home, I said. Before bringing the student to class, the teacher reportedly told Hayer, “You have every excuse not to come to class today.

In order for Hayer to take notes during the lecture, Professor Alexander welcomed him inside the room and even brought a little Asata with her. The picture was taken by another student, Nicholas Vaughn, and it went viral over the weekend.

“The student brought his youngster to class today because a nanny or another caregiver was unable to watch him while his father was in class. I’ll keep it so you can take good notes, my teacher Neita remarked. Since its first publication on March 1, this message has received over 76,000 retweets and more than 300,000 likes, becoming popular both within the country and outside.

In addition to getting a lot of attention online, the incident received a commendation from Morehouse’s president. It has to do with love and commitment. I’m committed to eliminating all obstacles in the way of our kids’ pursuit of success because I love them,” President David Thomas tweeted. So who is this teacher who contributed to reviving faith in people?

The James King Jr. Institute Professor and Associate Director of TIMS for Communication at Morehouse College, according to Professor Alexander’s personal webpage. He is also a founder member of Alexander, Kaufman & Associates and the State Director of the Georgia STEM Teaching Fellowship. Professor Alexander admits, “I had no notion the gravity of this problem.

Here is the video: