The’most dangerous convict in the world’ has been condemned to 450 years in jail

There are many dangerous people out there, and happily, many of them are imprisoned and cannot hurt the public.

This man is branded the ‘most dangerous convict in the world’ after being sentenced to 450 years in jail.

Nikko Jenkins initially became involved in the criminal underworld when he took a loaded weapon into his primary school at the age of seven.

He was expelled from school when he was 11 for getting into confrontations with everyone, and he subsequently stabbed someone when he was 13 years old.

Jenkins started engaging with gangs in his early adolescence and was sentenced to jail at the age of 15 for two armed carjackings in 2003.

Jenkins fought a jail officer and even started a prison riot while incarcerated.

Those new accusations were filed concurrently with the carjacking conviction, so Jenkins earned no more prison term despite committing additional crimes.

As a result of this choice, several families’ lives were irrevocably affected when he was freed in 2013.

Jenkins shot two random people, Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz, 29, and Juan Uribe-Pena, 26, just 11 days after being released from jail.

He accomplished this with the assistance of his sister and cousin, enticing the two guys to a spot where they were fatally shot.

Eight days later, Jenkins shot and killed one of his former captives, with whom he allegedly got along while inside.

Just a day after they took a selfie together, Jenkins killed Curtis Bradford, 22.

Jenkins’ murdering spree did not end there; just days after shooting his erstwhile buddy, he shot a mother of three-four times.

You can see how he earned his title, can’t you?

Jenkins, with the help of his uncle this time, stopped Andrea L. Kruger’s SUV, which resulted in her death.

Jenkins was convicted of four counts of first-degree murder in April 2014, after being arrested in August of the previous year.

Jenkins’ trial was obviously drawn out, as it appeared at one point that the convicted killer might not receive the penalty he deserved.

However, in May 2017, a three-judge bench sentenced him to death, along with a 450-year jail term.

Jenkins is still alive and on execution row to this day.