These are graduates from a university that allowed all of the students to wear…

Every former student counts attending their university’s graduation as one of their most prized memories.

We think you’ll remember your graduation the same way we do: solemn speeches, relief that the years of school are finally over, sorrow over the upcoming separation from peers, formal, exquisite suits and gowns…

Please confirm that we are talking about a commencement ceremony.

The college has a major effect.

For instance, a rich tradition regularly gathers people other than graduates’ families.

The ceremony was held at the University of Kyoto, which is the second-oldest university in Japan after the University of Tokyo, and was covered by hundreds of cameras and reporters.

The University of the Arts and the Universities of Kyoto legally permit their graduates to wear whichever they like during their graduating, thus there is a good reason for this.

A Pikachu or a Darth Vader? I sincerely appreciate it. Power Rangers or a couple entertaining zombies? really happy!

The Mona Lisa, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or even a samurai? We said it before: anything or anybody!

If you are still a student, feel free to suggest the same heritage in your university by going back to the bottom of this ranking and labeling your favourite filings.

We have put together a compilation of the best, most creative, absurd, and amusing apparel from Kyoto College graduations over the years for your amusement.

Who knows, perhaps they will remember you as well. Tell your family and friends about this.