A lonely person called 911 to request assistance on his 101st birthday because he wanted to…

The police respond to a wide variety of emergencies every day, some of which could significantly change the lives of the persons on either end of the line.

At the dinner table, Frank, a 101-year-old man, was engrossed in the dessert he had just returned from the store since it was so appetizing.

He wasn’t accompanied by anyone, but he still wanted to enjoy his birthday.

However, feelings of loneliness suddenly overcame him.

He didn’t want to bother any of his busy neighbors by inviting them to visit since all of his friends had passed away in the past few years.

As soon as he noticed his phone lying there, he decided to contact 9 1 1 rather than fire the birthday cake as he had originally intended.

When the emergency dispatcher asked him about the nature of his problem, he identified himself and said that he was turning 101 years old.

I’m alone today, but you see, I don’t want to be. Please come spend my birthday with me.

However, I couldn’t think of anyone else to call,” he told the operator.

“I am aware that there is no true emergency. He got a call from a fresh voice who identified herself as Officer Woods and told him she and another colleague will be over to see him soon.

Frank watched to see whether any police would actually show up at his house on his 101st birthday, worried about running out of time and the fact that he didn’t want to be alone on what might be his last significant birthday.

To find exactly what happened when two police officers rang Frank’s doorbell on that specific day, watch the full video story that Wonderbot posted.

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