These Siamese twins were separated as babies and here is what they look like at the age of 7!

Jadon and Anias McDonald, head-fused craniopagus twins, captured the attention of millions of people as they underwent the most challenging 27-hour separation procedure in 2016. At the time, the boys were 13 months old. How are the current Siamese twins feeling and growing?

Jadon and Anias, siamese twins, were born in September 2015. It is impossible to describe what occurred to them as anything other than a miracle. A third of the survivors pass away within 24 hours, and roughly 40% of these infants are born dead, according to medical statistics.

It is already astonishing that they survived for 13 months. However, the separation of the boys was accomplished by American medical professionals in an even bigger miracle. 27 hours were spent on the procedure.

The common area of Jadon and Anias’ brains turned out to be greater than the computer simulation indicated, which presented some challenges for the doctors at one point.

James Goodrich, a surgeon who operated on kids, predicted that they could have a hard time learning to walk and other physical skills in the future, but the speech was unaffected. – Jadon and Anias’ father, Christian, affirms that they unquestionably made the right decision.

He claims that giving children this chance to live a normal life is the best thing we could ever do. – Our faith will see them through any challenges. One Siamese twin is consistently dominant over the other.

Jadon was “strong” in the instance of the McDonald brothers, his body functioning for two and sustaining the survival of the other twin.

The boys can breathe individually, interact with their environment, eat separately from one other, react emotionally to family members, and even play together, despite the fact that it was a great problem for the doctors.