When the music begins, the crowd stops laughing at the big person who was going to…

People didn’t have high expectations for John Lindo and partner Deborah Szekely when they entered the stage for West Coast Swing competitions in the 1990s. All because of the dancer’s own extremely tall stature.

But he and his dancing partner were fortunate enough to take home the trophy as the competition’s champions! John experienced one of those days that contributed to his current notoriety and acclaim.

It’s enjoyable to watch Lindo. He has been dancing for more than 20 years, and the country-western genre served as the catalyst for his dancing journey. He afterward developed an interest in West Coast Swing, where he quickly rose to fame.

Couple dances like the West Coast Swing require absolute harmony between the partners. This style of dance was developed on the American west coast, as the name implies.

According to the history of West Coast Swing, the dance’s current incarnation first appeared in the 1960s as an homage to Lindy Hop.

Almost 9.5 million people have seen a video of Lindo performing a dance since it was uploaded in 2008.

Watch the video below!