They loved each other as teenagers and now they met 60 years later…

In the UK, Julie Mutlow resides. She got married at age 17 and gave birth to four kids. Julie raised the kids alone after the spouse abandoned the home. The woman felt pressured psychologically by all of this, which caused her to put on weight. Julie acquired the requisite 127 kilograms in 2021.

She had already become a grandma in addition to a mother. In addition, one of her seven grandsons needed particular care because he has autism. Julie’s doctor informed her at a routine visit that she was at risk for diabetes and was approaching obesity.

Such information ultimately depressed the British woman, causing her to experience sadness. A meeting that helped her change her life occurred at that same moment. Julie first met aspiring musician Mark when she was 14 years old. However, they split up and started families with different individuals. The pair was out of sight of one another for more than 40 years.

The moment Mark discovered Julie on Facebook, everything changed. The woman’s eyes were so unbelievable. Mark acknowledges that he signed on to the social network specifically to look for love in school. He thought about Julie virtually daily for 43 years.

In 2012, he made an attempt to get in touch with her for the first time, but she did not receive the message. The couple started talking and spending time together once more. They travel out into the countryside, join in jam sessions where Mark plays the guitar and Julie sings, and feed the ducks at the neighborhood park.

She managed her health and recovered from her despair. She shed seven kilograms in the first few months and joined the World of Weight Loss group, where members help one another lose weight. Julie put an emphasis on nutrition and cut out processed and fatty foods from her diet.
Julie’s look drastically changed after she started taking care of herself and she shed 51 pounds.

It is still unclear what will transpire in Mark and Julie’s relationship. They claim they are only friends for now and don’t want to speculate.

However, we can categorically state that they are content with one another and that, despite being close to 60 years old, they were still able to start their lives again from scratch.