They are the youngest grandparents but no one knows this couple’s real age…

In 2021, when their daughter Charmaine was just 16 years old, the parents, who were still younger, unintentionally became grandparents.

For two years, Charmaine dated the 16-year-old dad of the unborn kid.

The couple did not right away approach Charmaine’s partner or his parent after learning of the pregnancy.

The woman, Jenny, remembers the lack of assistance she received from others because she had also become a mom at an early age.

Jenny and her spouse made the decision to stand by their daughter and not make the same mistakes again.

Jenny Medlam remembers how Charmaine, her daughter, first informed her of the pregnancy.

Despite realizing how challenging it must have been for Charmaine to deliver this information, she made it quite clear right on that she would be behind her daughter in whatever choice she made.

Charmaine has developed greatly since then, as one might anticipate while preparing to become a mom. Charmaine gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Isla May in the summer of 2021.

Isla May resembles Charmaine a lot more than she did at the same age, and the grandparents are happy that Charmaine made the right choice.

Richard, Jenny’s spouse, and Jenny are both currently 35 years old.

Others are certain that this is their child when they take the infant for a stroll. However, they make an effort to

Many people believe that it is a joke.