They took in a tiny infant with just one arm and no legs. The baby is now growing up and here is what he looks like…

Vanya was born without a leg and with just one arm. His parents first expressed hesitation, and he was transferred to a child house.

This child even made an appearance on the television show “I Need to Have a Family,” but no one wanted to adopt him.

Family members of Vanya have already expressed their belief that he will not lead a happy life and will live his entire life apart from his parents.

Fortunately, everything came together. He was discovered by American life partners Melanie and Jay Brederick. The mother wants that she and her better half fall madly in love with the child right away.

They needed to add another individual because they already had a young Russian man taken in.

It should be noted that Vanya may have been accepted in the past, depending on Dima Yakovlev’s decision. As soon as the desk work was accomplished, Vanya was transferred to Asheville.

Since then, the young person has lived in America and has lost all resemblance to who they once were. He participates in sports and attends classes. A mechanical prosthesis that would change with him was supplied to him.

The youngster has already received financial aid for baseball training. Mechanical prosthetics will be replaced by automated prosthetics as Ivan ages.

Nobody will comprehend his need for appendages. His loving family goes above and beyond to make sure their son has all he genuinely wants.

Watch the video below!