The judges knelt before the young girl after hearing her amazing voice… Watch it here!

The jury members bowed before the young girl after hearing her amazing voice.

On The Voice project, a young girl named Chelsea, age 7, gave a performance of an original Alicia Keys song. Two judges promptly hit the red button after the first few seconds of Chelsea’s performance, requesting the young woman to join their team and approving her to remain in the draft.

After a brief moment of doubt, the third jury member similarly touched the button and turned to face the girl. Two of the judges virtually fell to their knees in front of Chelsea at the conclusion of the song to express their utmost love for her amazing performance, and Chelsea’s 103 million internet views served as more evidence that she had a truly exceptional gift.

Each person is amazed by this young singer: Chelsea, who is only 8 years old, is really talented.

Watch the video below.