This 6-year-old boy’s dance skills wow the “Got Talent” judges… Here is what they say…

The jury sat and carefully observed as this young child from the “Acquire Talent” round entered the stage. They were completely captivated by his act once he started dancing.

Mario, with his courageous and flawless dancing, won every student in the “Got Talent” competition.

He performed both the traditional Spanish dance as well as a much-anticipated hip-hop routine for the jury.

After the dance, 3 of the judges whispered to Mario that Risto had voted against him, which is when the drama began. He yelled out in annoyance.

Mario started to cry but calmed down when Risto approached him and informed him that he was too young to participate in such a competition.

Mario then asserted that he had complete knowledge of the situation.

After learning that Mario would still need three votes to advance to the next round, Risto ultimately altered his vote.

He intended to assist Mario by giving him a shirt that said, “Yes Risto.”

Watch his performance here: