This 86-year-old woman has been living on a cruise ship for 7 years…

She sold everything she owned in order to pursue her goal. She now enjoys life, travels the world, and resides on a cruise ship.

In order to travel for the rest of her life without stopping, the woman in Florida spent all of her savings and sold every item she owned. The number seven years. Lee Wachtsätter has resided on a Crystal Serenity cruise ship for exactly that amount of time.

The pensioner acknowledges that throughout the years, she has never looked back on her choice. The American spent her entire life traveling. She went on her first cruise in 1962.

She is currently on her 283rd journey. Mrs. Lee invests thousands of dollars annually to realize her ambition.

She receives a private, luxurious cabin, access to all of the ship’s eateries, and ballroom dancing in the evenings in exchange for this sum of money.

The pensioner also attends lectures, the movies, and participates actively in all forms of amusement.

“The staff members always make sure I’m content. Many of them are already members of my family. They will undoubtedly locate it if they don’t already have it. Even if they have to spend the entirety of their stopover time on land to acquire it,” she adds. The retired person is just known as “Mama Lee” on the ship.

Mama Lee continues to purchase her own clothing, btw. Additionally, she’ll offer any fashionista a leg up in terms of style. With gusto, the woman declares that after visiting 100 nations, she is certain that Istanbul is the best city for shopping.

“I can’t help but go to Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. There are some really lovely ensembles! Furthermore, they are ideal for ballroom dancing. Mama Lee adds, “And when it comes to shopping, I jump on board first.