This attractive young model got married to an elder man… Here is how they live 3 years later…

Ksenia Delhi, a well-known young woman, has always stood out for her attractiveness. She has stunning green eyes and a lovely physique.

It became evident that she got married in 2016. In the media, everybody started talking about the subject. However, the age gap, more than beauty’s ability to win the heart of men, was the key factor.

The daughter was 28 years old, and the husband was 64 years old at the time, making a 36-year age difference between them.

The wife was married to an Egyptian oligarch. Greece hosted the stunning wedding that the couple had. It was something that won’t be quickly forgotten. The reviews then started. She was said to have married for money internet users.

But three years had gone by. The pair simply continued to live, proving people wrong over time and being incredibly happy instead of offering justifications to their subscribers.

The family later welcomed a stunning daughter into the world, who is just as attractive as her mother. Anastasia is her name.

The pair frequently shares pictures and videos from their travels, as well as occasionally from domestic family events.

Love knows no age, as they demonstrated to everyone. We hope they live a long and healthy life. Please share this post with your loved ones if you enjoyed it.