This French barber changed the appearance of an old man… Now he looks so much younger!

Professional hairdressers have a long-standing unspoken custom of assisting those in need by improving their look.

David Kodat, a French barber, made the same decision after that.

He chose a man who has spent a lot of time living on the streets and doesn’t have access to hair care products.

He had a thick beard that was impossible to even comb.

David shared the transformation on his TikTok account.

After all of David’s beauty tricks, his subscribers were thrilled with how the homeless man showed up in front of them.

The first time we see this man, he has very long, untidy hair and a very long, untidy beard.

As a result, when the situation is seen from behind, it is very appalling.

In order to get rid of hair that can no longer be repaired with care products, David picks up some scissors and a machine.

The man is ultimately completely unrecognizable!

He appears to be 10 years younger.

Now, e unquestionably does not appear to be a person without a house.

The client, the clients, and the barber were all pleased with the transformation’s outcome. One act of kindness has the power to transform everyone in its path.