This baby girl is the second biggest child in the UK… Look at how much she weighs…

Emilia was born to Amber Cumberland, 21, of Aston, Oxfordshire, UK, on April 16, 2021, and she weighed over 6 kg. Even though the scan only revealed one child, Amber had a very enormous belly, leading the physicians to speculate that it might be twins.

“Despite the fact that we could only see one on the ultrasound, the physicians assumed she was carrying twins due to her size. We had heard so much about it that we even started to think that there might be another one there.

In the three days prior to the birth, Scott Joy, Amber’s husband, and Emilia’s father spent 42 hours in the John Radcliffe Hospital parking lot since he was not permitted to be in the vicinity of Amber.

Amber went into labor for two weeks and was 24 hours alone when she needed an emergency C-section. “It took 2 people to pull her out during the C-section and one person to keep everything down.

Fortunately, we had extra 0-3 month clothing, and the hospital staff had to look in pediatrics for larger nappies for us.

The baby was so large that hospital personnel even stopped by to weigh her and take pictures with her, according to Amber. Amber is making some progress toward recovery, but it will take time for her to do so completely.

For physical therapy to help her badly strained abdominal muscles, she is currently on a waiting list.

I still have skin around my navel that is entirely numb, said Amber.

I have to be very mindful not to open the stitches due to the injury to the abdominal muscles.

Emilia is so heavy that I can’t lift her or nurse her, but I’m steadily improving.

Our beautiful little child has us both giddy. The second-largest newborn in the UK is Emilia, who was born in 2012 and weighed 6.463 kg.