Kenny Chesney finally talks about the recent rumors about his life… Video attached!

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The world is aware of the well-known performer Kenny Chesney. You probably know who this musician is and maybe even a couple of his big songs, even if you’re not a lover of country music.

Chesney has a number of songs about falling in and out of love, just like many other country singers. We’re very sure he didn’t imagine this would be his life’s tale when he began his career!

Despite being a charismatic and popular performer, Chesney has been in multiple unsuccessful relationships and went through a contentious divorce. This has sparked numerous allegations concerning his romantic life. But what is the real story behind the guitar and twangy lyrics that he uses to conceal his love life? Let’s investigate!

Strange rumors about celebrities’ love lives typically originate when people start to question why they aren’t married. The tales regarding Chesney’s love life, however, really start before his marriage!

The singer took the stage during the “Concert of Hope” NBC telethon in 2005. Renée Zellweger, an actress, was also present. She reportedly loved Chesney a lot and had a hard time getting his attention while they were there.

During the telethon, Zellweger reportedly intended to give the singer a letter. She was unsuccessful, but her publicist and his publicist understood what was happening and informed Chesney of it.

This led to Chesney visiting Zellweger after the broadcast to say, “I hear you are trying to hand me a note – don’t let the principal find out,” according to a close friend of the musician.

After this, everything proceeded fairly quickly. They engaged in a covert relationship until disclosing it a few months later. The two were married in the Virgin Islands a week later. Unfortunately, the couple rapidly learned that a relationship can break down just as quickly as it may start.

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