This baby was dumped outside and here is what happened to the poor thing next..

Up in India, a litter of puppies took in a young child whose parents had dumped her.

She is claimed to have first observed the infant who had been placed next to her on the ground, uncovered with her umbilical cord still securely attached. There was her mother.

A group of people on their way to run their usual errands stumbled upon the infant, claims a local official.

At about 11 a.m., members of our community reported seeing a small child crying while playing with the puppies.

According to a neighbor who asked to remain anonymous, it’s probable that the mother, children, and children’s brightness have kept this child alive.

They attributed the young girl’s misfortune to “blind karma” because of the seasonal drop in nighttime temperatures.

The young woman was examined by a physician at a nearby hospital. The baby’s parents are wanted by the authorities.