This boy’s parents stopped cutting his hair and look at how he appears now!

At the age of two, young Farouk, a British child, already possessed an excellent luxuriant “hairstyle.” The mother of the young child recalls how every incision ended up becoming an experience.

It’s a fact that it was difficult to shave off the boy’s thick, luscious hair. One day, a store patron who was impressed by the child’s appearance snapped a picture of him and put it online.

At first, Farouk’s mother was not pleased, but after reading the comments on the picture, her attitude was altered. The majority of users are in utter awe of the boy’s hair. Mom made the choice to cease trimming the child’s hair in order to preserve the lovely hair.

After that, she set up an Instagram profile for Farouk, which, to her surprise, received more than 5,000 followers in just one month.

Farouk also earned his first modeling invitation to a fashion show in New York when he was 5 years old. Farouk is now well-known not only as a model but also as the star of lucrative shampoo advertisements.

It goes without saying that the boy’s exquisite hair needs particular care, and the mother acknowledges that it costs a lot of time and money.