This couple gave their guests with a list of their requirements after creating one… Then…

Kaytlyn and Tyler have made a thorough list of requirements for their ideal wedding, and they won’t compromise on any of them. They are very specific about how they want your special day to go. Sharing every step of the wedding preparation process on social media has become highly in vogue.

We are aware that choosing to get married is a difficult decision that involves many commitments, not just in terms of selecting the perfect pair. Complex and challenging responsibilities include choosing the appropriate location for the ceremony, hiring and selecting the dinner, picking the waiters, locating the ideal wedding attire for the bride, and choosing the guests.

If you think that’s complicated enough, some couples strive for perfection, which raises the workload at work. In this instance, the bride is 26-year-old Kaytlyn Rosko, who is extremely clear about her expectations for her wedding day and has openly documented her experience on social media.

She and her fiancé Tyler Wyatt created the list of prerequisites that have alarmed Internet people in this way. I mean, everybody has preferences when it comes to the flavor of the cake, the music, or the dinner, so it wasn’t the list per se that surprised me.

This list went much farther and included a set of prerequisites that visitors would need to fulfill in order to attend the wedding. Among them are that minors are not permitted, escorts are not permitted, and they have no intention of doing anyone a favor.

The fact that the couple had three kids themselves is one feature that attracted notice. They did, however, make it plain that they will be the only kids permitted at the celebration. The issue of companions also emerged as a clarification point.

The young woman told the newspaper, “I know how I want my wedding to be, and I know the method to organize it is not traditional, but there are lots of brides who, like me, want it to be that way and are unsure that it is good to do it. But you must consider one thing, according to the New York Post: I believe that day must be your day.

Right now, Kaytlyn stated that many brides have come to her for assistance on how to make restrictions for their guests, and that doing so is tolerated.