Why were the judges so unfriendly while his “Voice” audition had 25 million views?

Imagine you performed a flawless audition in front of 23 million people, but only one judge was impressed. What do you believe?

Conor Scott’s performance was absolutely jaw-dropping. Some others claimed that the quality of his cover song was on par with the original. However, only one judge disregarded his audition.

You’ll miss the most crucial lesson about “making it” in the current entertainment market if you read this one too quickly. Pay special attention if you’re trying to break into the field.

The talent of Conor Scott is undeniable. Why, then, with so much skill, did the judges take so long to respond? Conor wasn’t struggling with a lack of talent.

The fact that there was no place for him was the first issue because a few of the teams had already reached capacity. Second, one of the judges believed that he lacked the skills necessary to serve as Conor’s coach.

This young man and all of us are in need of learning that skill isn’t everything. Persistence is more important than talent. The secret is to consistently show up rather than just showing up once and being the best.

Watch the video below!