This couple had 14 sons born in their family and they recently gave birth to another kid, who’s gender was a…

The only boys the mother gave birth to were accepted by the Michigan Schwandt family. The fact that Mr. and Mrs. Schwandt has 14 boys is astounding.

The family frequently appeared in the local press as a result of their extraordinarily high reproduction rate and large number of sons.

Finally, the most anticipated addition to the enormous family of 14 boys is born: a girl.

The pair started making jokes about what was happening for a while. She gave her youngest kid the name Shiboyegen, which means “She’s a boy again” in Japanese.

This is a reference to an Indian ritual that the family’s grandpa once told them about.

He claimed that the shaman had previously carried out a particular ritual on a woman who was giving birth and whose family had an excessive number of sons.

A girl was supposed to be born after him, but if the spell failed, the shaman chanted, “She boy again.”

But in the end, the family experienced immense delight when a daughter was born. She is 28 years older than her older brother, which is a huge age gap.

Baby Maggie was given the name Maggie. Her mother, Taylor, quips that she no longer anticipates seeing her daughter because the house has been set up for the arrival of another boy.

Taylor acknowledges that the house is continually chaotic as a result of the large number of kids, particularly young boys. She believes that Maggie’s arrival will at least improve their daily life in some way.