This couple has become husband and wife and after three minutes, the wife requested a divorce…

The day they marry the individual they love and who loves them back is often considered to be the most significant day of their lives. The pair makes a promise to stay together forever in good health and indigence after their union is established.

They hold a traditional ceremony in which both of their families and friends are there to hear “if I want,” and it becomes a special day because they want to start a family and be happy forever. We cannot argue against the fact that both the couple’s and the guests’ memories of weddings are always filled with memorable moments.

This union marked the conclusion of a partnership rather than the start of a new family, one whose objectives were not peace and pleasure. The wedding in Kuwait was the shortest ever since the bride filed for divorce three minutes after the ceremony and because the bride’s friend’s husband started laughing at her as they were leaving the wedding. After a short while, the bride requested a divorce from her spouse.

Netizens expressed their support for the bride and praised her decision to set boundaries before marrying someone who will always respect her. The couple’s wedding only lasted three minutes.

The celebrants of the couple’s marriage and the guests in attendance witnessed how it all came to an end in just three minutes in this manner. There is no doubt that this is a rare occurrence. Few couples have likely changed their marital status fewer than ten minutes after being hitched.

The name of the couple seen in the video remains unknown, despite the fact that it is undoubtedly a case that has surprised millions of people around the world. What did the woman say in response, in your opinion? Do you consider that to be excessive? In his position, how would you act?