This family had 5 kids at the same time 4 years ago and here is how they live now…

This pair received a lot of media attention four years ago. Of course, the delivery of five children actually happened.

3 years later, we tell you what happened to this large family today. Both Anna and Alex were employed by the railroads when they first met.

The two’s affection for one another was immediately sparked, and they soon married.

Anna was unable to give birth to the children the couple yearned for.
The woman did not lose hope; instead, she prayed frequently and held on to the hope that things would turn out okay.

A long-awaited miracle finally materialized for the family. And a factor of five was added to this marvel.

There is one female and four boys.

How they have so many grandkids is a question they are frequently asked. It’s quite difficult to imagine. The house they inherited from their grandma is home to the extended family.

Their feelings became stronger despite the challenges. The spouse is always there for his wife.