This girl once weighed 100kg but you will be amazed to know what she achieved recently!

Joan Joseph had a difficult time in school.

The youngster attained her peak weight of 100 kilos at age 13 after weighing 60 kilograms at age 7. She was made fun of at school, making every day terrible for her.

bullies by shedding eight stone and turning into a beauty queen after chowing down on five plates of rice at once – The Sun

The girl could only find solace in food and music. She continued to eat and grew heavier.

But at the age of 16, the young woman saw that she needed to reduce weight and started to make that happen.

The girl who shed 51 kg in just 6 months went on to become a model! Her makeover astounded me! India’s Times

Joan started an intense fitness regimen and a tight diet. The girl changed, and the change was worthwhile for her efforts. The girl soon started competing in numerous beauty pageants.

She took home the Miss Selangor crown in 2016. Joana was raised in the Malaysian state of Selangor. For her classmates who had bullied the girl, this would come as a surprise.

Model Joanna Joseph Discusses Her Dramatic Overweight Transformation Story in the Video below – Filmymantra

Joan placed second in the Miss India competition in 2018. With her tale, Joan rose to become one of the most well-known participants.

Bullied as a Child, “Ugly Fat Girl” Becomes a Gorgeous Beauty Queen – Elite Readers

She developed into a fantastic role model for regular females who wanted to lose weight and had some excess weight.