This girl wanted to test her friends so she decided to ask each of them to pay for her at the cafe… But then…

Christmas, New Year’s, and birthdays are all holidays that we eagerly anticipate as kids. always seek out amusement and humor.

Birthdays, on the other hand, can be the most favored holiday. It’s wonderful to receive congratulations from your parents in the morning, blow out the candles on your cake, receive many presents, dance, and then go to bed feeling joyful and sleepy.

A birthday, however, quickly loses its appeal and excitement as people age. There are actually two causes for this. First of all, aging doesn’t make you any younger. In addition, each birthday after that serves as a reminder that we’ve aged another year.

Second, birthdays today are not the same as they were in earlier years. No one will prepare the food, arrange the table, or clean up the leftovers for us. Our story’s protagonist is a young girl named Anna, who always celebrates her birthday in the same way.

She needed enough time in the morning to complete her shopping, spend the entire day juggling the stove in the kitchen, hurry to the hair salon while already exhausted, and meet the guests at their place. Anna stopped celebrating her birthday because the situation kept happening year after year.

Before her subsequent birthday, her friends teased her with talk of a delectable pie and the approaching holiday, but this time Anna took heart and stated that she would forego the celebration.

However, her friends did not agree with this assertion, so they made the decision to pay her a visit in order to prevent the birthday girl from becoming lonely at home. Anna then had a fresh thought. She made the decision to host a café birthday party where everyone would pay for their own food.

She advised her pals to spend their time together in a cafe rather than buying her gifts. The girls were shocked to learn that nobody wanted to spend money at a cafe because practically all of them received rejection. Among his closest pals, only two accepted the invitation.

Anna requested that no gifts be given, but the girls nonetheless presented her a lovely arrangement of flowers and a decadent cake. His nicest birthday ever occurred on that day. Anna returned home in a high mood after finally having fun. The girl also understood who her true pals were.

How frequently do we let preconceptions guide us instead of our own desires? Anna spent many years acting in accordance with social expectations rather than her own desires.