This girl wore dreadlocks for three years and then decided to untangle her hair… Check out how she looks with her new hairstyle!

You know, other than the so-called “dreadlocks,” possibly no other adolescent hairdo inspires such hostility in older age. After all, “dread” is translated from English to imply “awful” for a reason.

Wax and a variety of fixing substances are used to make peculiarly twisted strands. Many people believe that it is very impossible to comb dreadlocks.

There is just one option if you decide to alter your mind and cut your hair off at the root. But before picking up the scissors again, the heroine of our tale made the decision to attempt to disentangle the “awful” threads.

After roughly three years of sporting dreadlocks, Bell Koumann decided she wanted to modify her appearance. The young girl gathered metal combs and hair moisturizer and enlisted the aid of her mother and grandmother. Of course, it was a difficult process.

Bell initially bathed the strand in moisturizer before beginning to comb the significantly softer dreadlocks. It took roughly five days to complete the process.

Bell still had to trim the split ends off of her hair, and a sizable portion of it was still on the comb. Nevertheless, the girl was able to detangle her three-year-old hair!

Bell currently looks like this.