This grandma survived World War II and escaped her abusive husband… She now travels the world and fulfills her dream of…

An 83-year-old woman has accomplished the miraculous after leading a challenging life, surviving World War II, and going through the agony of cohabiting with an abusive spouse. In order to fulfill her life’s desire, she ventured outside of her comfort zone. Life for Elena Erkhova was nothing less than a trip to the mountains. She saw numerous catastrophes, yet she never lost hope. When she was 3 years old, she lost both of her parents.

Erkhova witnessed World War II while most 14-year-old girls were having fun with their pals and discovering their personal styles. Erkhova’s marriageable years drew near as she grew older. She soon lost her status as a single woman. Erkhova said that her marriage had not been the best. Her spouse was a brutal individual who even killed his own daughter.

Then the two grandmothers set off on her first fantasy vacation. Erkhova dedicated her entire life to securing her daughter’s safety and providing for her needs. For the sake of her kid, she set her desires and goals aside, not realizing that things would soon change for the best in her life.

Erkhova, who was 40 at the time, had the opportunity to travel the world in the 1970s. His first overseas travels took him to Prague, Poland, and Germany. It was a breath of fresh air for Erkhova to embark on her first journey.

Her financial situation prevented Erkhova from taking a global vacation. Until she was 83, she never had enough money to travel to the places she desired. Erkhova explains:

“My friends questioned why I had never taken a trip. You have the money, they said. And I thought, “Why not?”

Erkhova’s friends connected her with a travel agency and procured her a passport for her 83rd birthday. Then the two-grandmother set off on her first fantasy vacation. She traveled to several other nations, including Thailand, Italy, Vietnam, and Spain.

To pay for her trips, Baba Lena mostly used her pension as well as the money she earned from making clothes and producing flowers. She was a strong, independent woman who showed that achieving one’s dreams is possible at any age. Erkhova was in Vietnam when Ekaterina Papina noticed her. Young tourist Papina was Erkhova’s countrywoman. She was shocked to find an elderly woman traveling alone in a foreign nation.

Erkhova now found it difficult to inform the server that her soup was excessively spicy. Papina not only relayed her message to the server but also assisted her in setting up an Instagram account.

Erkhova found the notion of sharing her travels with the globe intriguing. She found it invigorating to travel the world after continuing in an unhealthy relationship. She got popularity fast on Instagram by posting pictures of herself in various locations.

When her life took a different course, the grandmother had already seen the majority of the world’s nations. Erkhova battled terminal lung cancer for years, but she didn’t let that stop her from living a full life.

Since she rose to fame in 2016, her fans have continued to extend invitations for her to visit. She thanked her Brazilian followers in her final Instagram post, which she published on December 8: “Thank you so much for your kind comments and well wishes! Without a doubt, I’ll visit Brazil.

Erkhova’s health started to decline after she became 91, yet she never changed her trip arrangements. Unfortunately, after contracting an illness in January 2019, fate forbade her from traveling. She had a critical condition. After Erkhova passed away, her doctor commented, “We did what we could. But that didn’t mean nobody would remember him.

People of all ages were encouraged to travel the world by Erkhova’s legacy. She demonstrated by her perseverance that age is just a number. Her grandson set up accounts in her name on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube after she vanished and published her vacation images there.