This mother adopted a boy, then a girl one year later, and she was surprised to find out that the two kids are…

This amazing tale took place in Colorado.

Miss Page adopted a boy one day and a girl the next year; she never imagined that the two would end up becoming siblings.

She made the decision to make a significant life shift after divorcing her husband. She altered her living situation, her employment situation, and her environment. She connected with the church and began working as a caregiver at a facility for neglected kids.

It was difficult for her at first because it was a really dreary profession. However, she gradually became interested and enjoyed the activity. The mother soon came to the decision that she wanted to adopt a child from this center. He has four days to go. His mother left him because she loved drugs so much while she was pregnant. Fortunately, the baby’s health was unaffected.

The boy was placed in Miss Page’s care. While all the social services were seeking for his real parents, she gave him the name Grayson. After a fruitless search, the woman was given adoption paperwork. Grayson was now legally her son.

But the narrative is not over yet. A call asking her to pick up another infant from the center came a few days later. The same hospital saw the birth of her wife. She felt compelled to take the infant for herself.

The infant and Miss Page finally met. The most incredible aspect of all was a bracelet with Grayson’s parent’s name on it that was fastened to the small hand.

The woman located Hannah’s (the girl’s) birth mother’s address and set up a meeting with her. She admitted that she knows nothing about her son and is currently pregnant with her third child.

Katie Page told her boss about it, and after checking numerous things, he found that the boy and the girl are related.

The story doesn’t end there, though.

After all, the errant mother eventually left the third child alone. Katie Page has already submitted a custody application.

Then my big family will be complete!