This little baby who looked like a princess is now grown up… Here is how she appears now!

Every parent thinks their kids are the best. And other people enjoy showing off their children online in order to spread their joy to others.

Stephanie posted a picture of her small daughter Amai on her Instagram, and this is precisely what she did. Internet surfers’ responses were conflicted.

The photos on Stephanie’s page caused a lot of visitors to have doubts about their veracity because the girl in them resembled a stunning doll.

Some said that the mother had over-edited the images and applied fancy filters that may alter their appearance.

Amai truly has a remarkable and uncommon appearance.

Her huge, appealing eyes, long, thick, black eyelashes, and full lips with distinct, rounded features appear to be lined with either lipstick or pencil.

The baby doll-like and slightly artificial appearance was genuinely due to the baby’s expressive facial characteristics.

But in reality, Amai’s unusual looks are the consequence of mixing the genes of several ethnicities.

The girl was born into a multiracial family that included an African American and a Latvian woman. And as you probably already know, mestizos are typically incredibly attractive.

Stephanie claims that since birth, her daughter has had long, thick eyelashes.

Additionally, Amai’s mother shared a video in which she shot a close-up of her face to show that her appearance is genuine.

Only then did people start to realize that Stephanie had not altered the images and that the girl was actually rather attractive by nature.

Stephanie currently has more than 100,000 Instagram followers. And they’re all delighted to view fresh images.