This man tells people around that Jesus is coming and explains why…

Over the past 18 months, Jay had a few incredibly brief rapture dreams, and he felt compelled to share them.

The first one he had last summer was only a few minutes long. He was speaking with two other men when all of a sudden, the sky began to change, and he noticed the clouds. He doesn’t know what happened to the other men, but he remembers feeling like a force was pulling him, and he had no control over the situation.

The feeling Jay got from that drawing that force was unsettled, as if he knew he was about to go to a decision. You know, until that time arrives, we may feel like we’re ready, but until that time comes, we realize we’re not ready, and he started feeling and thinking to himself, “Man, am I ready for the judgment,” and “Am I ready for this?”

Then he awoke, but the impression he had from the dream was that we should conduct a self-evaluation. If there is anything wrong with you, any sin you are aware of committing, any unforgiveness, any sexual immorality, or anything else in your life that you know is not satisfying to God, do what you need to do to remove it. Jesus once said that it would be better for you to enter heaven without those problems.

This is so important that if your one eye leads you to sin, plug it out.

Here is the video: