This man’s height is only 110 cm but he got married… Here is what his kid looks like…

James Lasted from the UK has accomplished a lot despite being barely 110 cm tall. He is a well-known actor and TV host at the age of 33.

James, incidentally, was never embarrassed by his diminutive size. On the contrary, he thought that this sets him apart from the rest and made him unique. Lasted’s self-assurance contributed to his success.

He also had no doubt that Chloe, a girl he met, would want to be with him. Such assurance caught the beauty’s eye, and they actually had a relationship as a result.

They still smile when they think back to their first date from 2014, by the way. The truth is that James is 110 centimeters tall and Chloe is 170. As a result, the waiter thought they were a mother and son when they entered the restaurant. The male received an album and pencils, while the girl received a menu.

They both recognized that night that they would split up even more. And the couple were hitched two years later. Journalists attended the party and raced to be the first to snap a picture of the strange coupling. The family of James and Chloe was soon known to everyone.

Chloe surprised her husband with the news that she was pregnant two years later. James was ecstatic at the moment! As soon as the baby was expected, they set up the nursery.

As a result, the couple welcomed Olivia into the world in 2019. She was, happily, born completely healthy and lacked her father’s height.

Although the youngster is only two years old right now, she will quickly catch up to her father. James doesn’t mind, though. He is joyful!