Listen To The Cutest Kids’ Performances From “The Voice” Blind Audition in This Cute Video!

Renata, the young girl, almost immediately made me cry. She looks incredibly precious, wearing big glasses and tiny pigtails. Then she belts out the Frozen song “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” Nearly every letter contained the agony of rejection, and it hurt my heart to hear that. She did, however, have the voice of someone who might have been singing it on the soundtrack. What a remarkable, gifted young lady.

Jimmy performs next, singing “Parklife” by the English alternative rock band Blur. His attire fits the original song video perfectly; it has a sort of “preppy rocker” vibe. And he looks adorable as a result! I thought it was the greatest thing ever to watch this adorable little guy sing some angry alternative rock songs.

But Ilyza came up next, and she had such strong vocals. Moreover, she has the most gorgeous eyes! When the first chair turns, Mathis begins singing a French tune, and his adorable brown eyes light up with delight. The Voice Kids send a miniature Moana your way just when you think you’ve had your fill of sweetness.

Victoria is so small! She has a flower in her hair and is wearing a pink silk dress, but she sings “How Far I’ll Go” with ease. During the song’s final high note, she finally turns around in her chair (although you’ll start crying before that). Given how young they are, it is almost remarkable how well these young people perform.

Find the video below!