This tiny puppy was so ready for his owners’ wedding day! Read to find out what he did…

This endearing senior dog is attracting attention and takes his role as best man at his parents’ wedding very seriously.

Sophia Coleman’s gorgeous older dog Rocky was the first thing she saw when she first met her current husband, Josh. She fell in love with Josh over time, but she also fell in love with the fuzzy baby that her mate had rescued. Since Rocky had been a part of their relationship for the entire time, the couple decided they wanted him to play a significant role in their upcoming nuptials.

A senior dog that was saved takes his job as “groomsman” extremely seriously.

The couple decided that their dog would serve as both the Best Man and the Ring Bearer at the wedding. They prepared everything and got him a small outfit for the event, and he looked fantastic.

The couple didn’t think there would be a problem with Rocky carrying the rings down the middle aisle in front of all the guests. Despite his somewhat grouchy demeanor, Rocky genuinely cares about other people. Naturally, Rocky took his tasks seriously when the big day eventually came, at least the majority of the time.

Sophia claims

She needed a lot of convincing and gifts before she agreed to walk down the aisle in front of 80 guests. He performed admirably during the practice when there were no visitors present, but the audience members distracted him a little bit during the ceremony itself. I believe he anticipated receiving sweets from everyone.

Rocky arrived at the altar and during the ceremony stood close to his parents. While everyone was pleased to see the couple be married, they may have been equally happier to see Rocky standing by them and maintaining their composure.

Rocky’s parents escorted him to the bridal room to give the older dog a break once the ceremony and his duties were through. Rocky sought a means to get back to the front desk because he didn’t like the notion very much.

Sophia added further:

Even though he was still inside the same structure as the reception, we decided that he should rest instead because we didn’t want anyone to run into him. He once forced open the rear door and fled as the honeymoon suite was opened. He came across my husband and I right away and wanted to spend the entire night at our side.