This VIDEO of a lady dancing with a dog gained 11 million views! Watch it here!

That split second when your canine dancing partner isn’t even looking at you… How will the contest actually proceed?

You can, up to a degree, underestimate animal intelligence. That claim has been conclusively proven by this woman and her amazing dog.

Sandra Roth is a woman; she is a jazz and ballet dancer. The dog is a Border Collie named Lizzy. Both Border Collies’ intelligence and difficulty levels are high. Additionally, Lizzy is a difficult dog by nature, as her owner noted.

Therefore, the degree of coordination and collaboration shown here is a feat of human-animal connection, perseverance, repetition, and discipline. Develop your skills through practice.

The majority of dog tricks appear to rely heavily on visual signals. However, a large portion of this duet dance occurs without Lizzy and her owner making eye contact.

This video will leave almost everyone speechless. But we should also be made more conscious of how much love our animals have for their owners. Big brains must have big, deep hearts.

Find the video here: