This woman has no arms but she lives a full life with her own family… Here is how…

Blog author Nicoleta Rivera, who is 21 years old and from Pennsylvania. Despite being born without both hands, the girl led a fulfilling life despite her condition.

The stunning woman has a blog on the video service channel where she showcases all of her accomplishments to the three thousand members.

She applies makeup while holding the brushes in her toes. The videos of Nicoletta are well-liked by her followers. The blogger’s enthusiasm for life is admired by internet users, who use it as motivation for healthy individuals who are unhappy with their lives.

Nothing hinted at the mother’s pregnancy with Nicoletta that she would give birth to a unique child. An ultrasound only revealed the unborn child’s lack of pens in the seventh month.

The mother of Nicoletta disregarded the advice of the medical professionals who advised her to abort the baby and predicted that it would not live. The girl was born without handles, but otherwise completely healthy, thanks to the mom’s faith and the power of her love.

Nicoletta, who is now 21 years old, does not at all believe herself to be impaired. She provides for herself independently and has a close friend or family member standing by her side.

Zach promises to stay by the bride’s side for the rest of their lives and offers her support in everything.

Sideways glances from people on the street are not seen by the pair. Zach said he doesn’t mind if onlookers are intrigued by them. The most essential thing is that they love one other very much.

Nicoleta Rivera acknowledges that she has never been insulted by anyone. On the contrary, complete strangers were constantly curious about how she survived without hands and offered to assist her!