This woman rescued an African kid and here is what he looks like now that he has grown up…

Anja Ringgern Loven posted a photo of a young African child being fed by a volunteer, and the image rapidly went viral worldwide.

The woman has been a volunteer for a while, frequently traveling to areas where aid is much needed.

Anja made a comment on the boy’s future in this picture. His parents put him on the streets after learning about his witchcraft.

A group of con artists was active in the area at this time.

Many parents were persuaded that their kids were actually sorcerers and that in return for a sizable sum, they would “cure” the child.

The boy’s relatives, however, decided to abandon him simply.

The youngster lived off trash he found and slept outside for eight months.

He had the good fortune to run upon Anja, who had transported the young child from Nigeria to Denmark and had placed him in her own shelter together with other “foundlings” from that country.

The child was initially quite underweight and could not catch up to his companions’ levels of growth.

But eventually he began to feel better.

He has made a lot of friends at his new school, where he is performing well academically and where he has big aspirations to work with disadvantaged children someday.