These twins were connected even before they were born! Here is what they look like now…

Two youngsters with comparable genetic backgrounds have pretty remarkable life stories. According to their mothers, they will get along fabulously.

Indy May and Rayat Ray have been friends since they were young children. The babies looked so identical that the photographer at first thought they were twins.

Corey and Katie, the mothers of the girls, are identical twins. The women learned that they were expecting. They were in awe of what they saw.

Sisters grew closer to one another. They enjoyed each other’s company and spoke about names for the baby during the entire pregnancy.

The fact that they both gave birth at the same clinic is important. Katie and Corey made the decision to film their labor and delivery.

They each gave birth to a beautiful child twenty minutes apart. Miracle! Twins!

The sisters’ relationships were reinforced by having kids together. The majority of mothers believe their daughters will make instant friends. Many people think babies are linked together magically.

The girls have a large number of loving family members.

Identical twins and cousins are frequently confused.

Because of how kind and joyful the girls are all the time, Gran adores spending time with them.

Time will tell what takes place next.