This woman weighed more than 100 kilograms and people made fun of her… However, she lost weight and here is how she looks now…

Alvina Rein, an American, was always a beautiful girl, but she was most of the time unhappy.

She chose delicious but unhealthy foods to make her worries go away so that she wouldn’t become stuck in her current frame of mind.

A great chance to finally get his life back in the order presented itself to her a few years ago.

Alvina already had two young children at the time, and her partner was not at all caring and loving and used descriptors for the woman that made her feel bad about the way she looked.

This loved one’s behavior hurt the girl a great deal. She split up with her husband as a result, even though he incessantly warned her that if he left her, she would be left alone because no one needed a girl like her.

Alvina initially cut back on the number of carbohydrates in her diet and stopped eating any sweets. After a few weeks, it paid off, and she shed 5 kg. The outcome inspired her to put in more effort and visit the gym.

As a result, the girl is now gorgeous!

There was no sign of the earlier doubt, and the girl had no trouble finding a loved one who respected her and accepted her the way she was.