This young kid developed a business plan and purchased an apartment after only eight months… Here is how…

The Pacheko family, comprised of Berenis and her three kids, was on the verge of becoming homeless due to financial problem and rising debt.

Berenis became unemployed, and the family was compelled to move into a barn with poor living conditions since they were having trouble making ends meet and paying the expensive rent for their Los Angeles apartment.

Aaron, Berenis’s 8-year-old son, emerged as the unlikely hero in this perilous scenario.

Aaron joked with his mother about starting his own company so he could buy his own toys.

The concept was initially dismissed by Berenis, but Aaron took it seriously.

Aaron bought eight succulent plants at a nearby market with just $12 in savings and later sold them for a meager $4 profit.

Aaron started marketing his plants on Instagram as his revenue increased and quickly built a sizable following.

His story attracted national attention, and a group of caring individuals even set up a GoFundMe auction to help the family.

Aaron was able to make $40,000 in just eight months because of the auction and his prosperous plant business.

The Pacheko family used this money to buy their very own residence on the outskirts of the city.

And when enough people learned about Aaron’s entrepreneurial drive, his business began to prosper.

Aaron, however, is not willing to stop there.

He intends to one day buy the greatest home for his family and has plans to keep expanding his business and save more money.

Aaron’s tenacity and diligence not only prevented his family from going hungry, but also helped him become a role model for others.