Nicola Peltz’s appearance prior to cosmetic surgery is so natural! Here is how she used to look…

One of the pairs that garnered the most attention is the one that consists of Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham.

After reading the history of David Beckham’s young wife, many people were naturally perplexed by the ways in which she had changed over the past few years.

Photos taken in the 2000s make it very evident that Nikola’s nose used to be visibly larger and substantially longer.

In addition to the evident rhinoplasty, the girl had work done on her chin (it was reduced in size and made neater), the shape of her eyes changed to a “fox” shape similar to that of Bella Hadid, and Peltz increased the size of her lips.

Additionally, the contour of the face appears to have shifted over the years, while shifts in appearance due to aging are a possibility.