This young person raises his niece after adopting her. Years later, he discovers something unbelievable…

Because he has no other relatives, the divorced father consents to raise his unhappy sister’s grandchild. When he gets a surprising phone call, he is striving to be a good father and make ends meet.

Lorraine, his wife, left him. She tells him, “Wayne, I need more. What you provide me is insufficient. Regarding Lorraine, her father was correct. His father was always right in every way. In addition, he considered Wayne to be a loser.

Wayne concluded he couldn’t hold Lorraine responsible. He was a librarian at the nearby college, a low-paying position that he liked. Simply put, she lacked ambition.

He had enough money to cover his rent and feed himself, but he lacked the funds to go to a spa or buy fine clothes or shoes.

So Lorraine found a man who could afford all of those things and had a lovely automobile and a large bank account. Wayne experienced both good and bad days. He sometimes breathed too hard from missing her.

He made an effort to avoid thinking about Lorraine until the nurse called most of the time.

After The Wild Girl and the Brawl, his debut book, sold millions of copies, he started right away on his second. Nobody knows the appeal of romance better than a librarian. Wayne stated as much in an interview with a morning show.