The judges were taken aback by the 64-year-old man’s abilities…

Kenny Petrie, a 64-year-old gentleman, is seen bending down to open a piece of luggage at the start of the video. As they observe, the judges speculate about what might be in the suitcase. It’s lovely and charming.

Simon’s expression when they first saw the guitar is unmistakable: they don’t have high hopes for this act. This first disappointment, though, passes quickly.

The judges were shocked by the 64-year-abilities. old’s

Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” riff, which many people are acquainted with, is the first note Kenny plays.

The judges are completely confused and shocked. Nobody anticipated this music coming from this man. The video moves along a little bit, and he is now playing a different tune.

In addition to his age, Kenny stands out from many other performers due to his apparent confidence.

Kenny is obviously focused while playing, yet he also smiles and seems to be having fun. Kenny clearly knows how to manipulate a crowd as he bounces around the stage and scans the crowd.

It’s amazing how Kenny got Simon to smile. The judges were ready to express their admiration for him once he finished playing. The judges are now referring to Kenny as the “god of rock,” and he received four “Yes” votes right away to move on in the competition.

Watch the video here: