Those girls performed a duet and left every single person in the audience astonished by their voice… VIDEO attached!

Many television programs featuring contestants with various skills and talents have been shown in recent years. It could be a singing or dancing performance. Even animals, magicians, acrobats, and other performers compete in some of these events. The performances involving youngsters, however, are particularly vibrant. These TV programs are the most watched and well-liked. It’s always pleasant to look at children. They are always filled with sincere feelings and good vibes.

Children’s shows succeed because they are impulsive and honest. You want to look at them and smile regardless of whether they are shy or act bravely and even boldly. One such TV program is “Voice Children,” which picks gifted kids and is broadcast in various nations. Many kids had the chance to grow and learn more as a result of the Voice initiative. This is an opportunity to get to fame as a songwriter or vocalist. Here are the program’s most impressive numbers.

The Dutch children’s trio captured the hearts of practically all of the viewers. The Netherlands’ Chloe, Lilia, and Britt wowed everyone with their excellent vocals while performing the Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey song “When You Believe.” They began in turn before merging their voices to sing in polyphony. The girls’ transitions proved to be incredibly harmonious and seamless. They hit the appropriate notes and had wonderful rhythmic timing.

Duet, “Que Lloro” by Sin Bandera, performed by Colombians Juanse and Sebastian Yatra, which will be recognized for its brightness and vibrancy. Juanse, who is only eleven years old, dazzles with his talent and maturity. The child sang alongside Sebastian Yatra, his vocal coach, making the audience even more unforgettable.

The assessors were delighted by the artistry and voice of Indonesian sisters Chevira and Devira. The girls performed “Into the Unknown” by Idina Menzel extremely passionately. Throughout the performance, they conversed constantly while standing with their backs to one another. It seemed quite weird.

However, in Germany, the crowd was captivated by Alicia and Jasmine’s duet of the song “Issues.” The females can sing in any key and have extraordinarily high voices. The lovely young performers won over the judges and the audience.

On the “Voice of the Children” show in Russia, the multinational three of Tyuryutikov, Abramov, and Dzhalagoniya made a name for themselves by singing “Take me to church” by Hozier. The guys’ honest and emotional singing won both the judges and the entire audience.

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