Just before she passed away, the newborn smiled in his mother’s arms, “She had such love for him.”

The joy of birth and your first grandkid is something you will always remember, but for one grandma in the UK, this joyous occasion was accompanied by tremendous anguish and heartache.

While Abbie Hallawell’s 17-year-old daughter was left brain-dead and in a serious condition, her grandchild Parker John was born on September 9.

In September 2019, Teegan Barnard gave birth to a healthy 9 lb 90 z boy, but she also experienced major difficulties and had a heart arrest. Several weeks later, she died.

The boy will be raised by Abbie and Parker’s father, and Abbie promises to do everything in her ability to make sure her grandson understands how much his mother loves him.

According to Abbie, “She was so delighted – she would have been the best mother in the world.”

She wished she could have shown him how much she loved him. I miss her more than anything in the world and would do anything to get her back. We resembled best friends more than we did a mother and daughter.

In the closing weeks of her life, Abbie made sure Teegan got to hug her infant son, and she also shot images for Parker to see as he gets older.

It has been very essential to me to see Parker in his mother’s arms, where he belongs, she added.

Parker was even seen grinning while resting close to his mother as she passed away, according to the grieving grandmother.

I combined them wherever it was possible, explains Abbie. “Now that she’s gone, we outfit Parker in vests bearing a photo of his mother. She should constantly be close to him, in my opinion.