Tom Cruise had not seen his daughter for 6 years and here is why…

The media accused him of abandoning his daughter, and he initiated a lawsuit against some journalists for making false claims. The teenage daughter of Tom Cruise resides in New York City with her mother, thus, the 2 of them have only occasionally been spotted together.

Suri, who recently turned 16, has a solid and loving relationship with her mother, who serves as her primary caregiver, despite the claims of a rocky relationship between father and daughter. Suri just turned 16 years old.

Despite the fact that Holmes and Tom started dating in 2005 and made their relationship public while traveling across Italy together.

The couple got married on November 18, 2006. Like other girls, she had thoughts of marrying Tom, and when she met him, her dreams came true. Two months after they started dating, they were prepared to get married, and they made their engagement announcement the same day.

After announcing their engagement, they also revealed that they were expecting a child.

The daughter of Tom and Holmes Cruise, Suri Cruise, who will turn 16 in April 2022, is much discussed.

When Holmes and Tom announced their breakup in 2012, some fans were shocked.

Tom was actively involved in Suri’s life in the years preceding their divorce. He was never the kind of dad who thought that overindulging their children in love may result in spoiling them. The actor understood that it was challenging to show a child too much affection.

Tom desired a deep bond between Suri and his adopted children from his relationship with Nicole Kidman. The actor said, in his own words:

“I always told myself that my children could count on me, that I would always be there for them, and that I would love them—that I would never promise my children something that I wouldn’t be able to deliver on.”

He loved his relationship with his daughter, and as the two of them grew close, she was thrilled to go on his trips with him.

The actor sued two US periodicals three years after their divorce, claiming that he “abandoned” his daughter Suri and had not seen her for an astonishing 801 days.

Tom and Suri were currently going through a difficult time since Samantha Domingo, a former Scientologist, said that the actor hadn’t seen Suri in six years because the actress wasn’t a devoted member of the church.

Even though they hadn’t spoken on the phone in months and hadn’t seen each other in person, Tom claimed throughout the custody battle that he didn’t need to protect his daughter from his personal convictions.