Vera Wang was intrigued by a young clothes designer who had talent… Look at her dress designs!

had already decided what she would devote her life to at the age of 9. Her ideal world is the glamorous one of fashion and apparel manufacturing. In November 2021, the Colorado elementary school student’s mother, Tonya helped expose her to the craft for the first time, and that was the start of an incredible dream.

One advantage of homeschooling a child, as Tonya clarified, is that parents «have time to teach their children what they want to learn. So I can tell my kids, “You don’t have to wait until you reach adulthood! I want to be a fashion designer when I grow older,” or “I want to be a cook when I grow up.” Now, let’s learn along!

Even though I’ve been sewing for years, she said, “I knew very little about sewing clothes.” I would have to find out how to teach Kaya how to sew if she wanted to learn how to make anything specific, like pants.

The girl appeared to be a sponge, soaking up every lesson. She continued to astound the internet with her inventive crafts after her initial sessions. She is capable of making anything, including flowing skirts, costumes, and shredded two-piece suits. After making the subsequent item, she displays designs that even adults find surprising in her home’s corridor.

Kaya admitted that she hardly ever makes detailed ideas for her designs:

I simply wait for inspiration, whether it comes from a fabric or a specific finish. After that, I see a dress in my brain, and I just start shaping the fabric to make it look like the dress.

Every item Kaya creates appears brand-new.

The youthful fashion designer explains, “The one thing that never changes is that I exclusively use really soft and comfy textiles.”

For Kaya, comfort is always a priority; in her opinion, traditional girl’s dress is uncomfortable.

She says, “I prefer designing garments since the little girls’ masquerade gowns are so stiff and uncomfortable.” — I feel comfortable and really fashionable when I’m wearing my own clothes. So I won’t have to change before attending a tea party and then taking a scooter ride in the park.

Kaya has created scores of clothes, but her all-time favorite is the pink satin dress, which she constructed from fabric that she hand-painted. As she turns to display the dress, it appears to be glittering and changing color. Most of the supplies Kaya and her mother use are obtained from thrift shops.

The fashionista hopes to run a prosperous business with her closest friend Ariana, with whom she has created several items, as a professional fashion designer when she grows up. Her desire to work with or create something for Zendaya is another.

Her goals don’t seem to be that far away from becoming a reality. On social media, mom and daughter have more than 15,000 followers, and they all can’t wait to see what the girl will post next!

Kaya claims that Vera Wang and Gunnar Deatherage are her favorite fashion designers. She was inspired to enter the fashion industry by their work.

Vera and Gunner have both been incredibly encouraging and helpful to me, she says.

Vera Wang, one of the most well-known bridal wear designers in the country who is renowned for fusing contemporary design with classic elegance, took note of the gifted young woman and even provided her a sewing machine. Vera Wang pays close attention to what emerging female designers are doing.

Vera Wang contends that only perseverance can enable one to realize one’s dreams.

Even Kaya is prepared to help others who want to sew but are worried they won’t succeed.

Just do it, she advises others who are just getting started. — Mistakes are inevitable, but you can always correct them!

So what does Kaya envision for her own future?

I’ll just keep experimenting with different things and developing new things, she declares. — I have a lot of plans for the future. To study design in college alongside my best friend is something I wish to do. After college, we aim to launch our own fashion label in Paris, New York, Seattle, or San Diego by working at Starbucks together.