Check out this VIDEO of adorable babies competing in the Winter Olympic Games!

In a video that was released by the Olympic Official Channel, young athletes of all ages can be seen competing in place of adult athletes.

The Olympic Channel has produced several similar movies before. Viewers of television witnessed cute children competing in the Olympics during the most recent Summer Olympics.

On August 21, 2016, the last day of the 2016 Summer Olympics, the International Olympic Committee unveiled the Olympic Sports Media Portal. The Olympic Channel wants to keep people interested in the Olympic Movement all year long.

The Olympic Channel media portal posts video and text interviews with athletes, their backgrounds, news, competition calendars, and the schedule of broadcasts of contests in Olympic sports outside of the Olympic Games. It also broadcasts events outside of the Olympic Games time.

Eminent athletes from the past and present, as well as potential stars and coaches from around the world, are the heroes of Olympic Channel content.
The Olympic Games, which will be open to children from all nations, were imagined and presented by the channel’s creators. In the arena, young athletes will represent their nations. The most enjoyable and thrilling Olympic Games and nations ever would result from this.

The movie opens with a montage of scenes from several games’ events, featuring adorable clips of cheerful kids competing. You may watch adorable and humorous children participating in a variety of sports in the video. For instance, two lads play curling while pulling jokes on each other.

The children are then shown bobsledding in a scenario that later switches to a snowy winter setting. They descend with such ease that they don’t even feel the fear of such a height and descent. Viewers are welcomed by young athletes competing in bobsleigh for two children later in the film. You can also watch how the young athletes display the medals they won at the competition at the end of the film; one young girl even tries to devour one.

Watch the video here: