When a man brings his pregnant ex-girlfriend home, his wife tells him, “It’s her or me.” Then…

If you spotted a loved one in distress, would you turn a blind eye? Or, even if you knew it may ruin your marriage, would you still aid them?

When Joe, 32, encountered his ex-fiancée, Maria, on the subway, he was in the same predicament. Dark under-eye circles and her napping position on a filthy blanket on the floor suggested she didn’t typically get enough sleep.

Joe was unable to keep his eyes off of her or her stomach.

She must be close to giving birth, he reasoned. What on earth is she doing here in this state? She had abandoned him to pursue a better life.

Years ago, Maria left Joe after cheating on him with his best friend, claiming she desired a better life. Joe was crushed, and it took him a long time to recover and even longer to allow love into his heart.

Joe believed it was ended when he wed Katie. He no longer missed Maria. However, something in his heart altered when he spotted her on the metro. It seemed as though he could see into her soul and knew something was off.

Maria was awaken by the sound of footsteps as a large group went by her.

What was that, oh no? She murmured, only to discover that it was only people passing her by.

Joe walked over to her and softly inquired, “Hey, are you okay?”

Maria turned to him when she heard his voice for the first time and fiercely embraced her growing baby.

Joe, she sobbed. It really is you. I’m in disbelief.

Maria, be truthful, he commanded. What in the world is happening? What are you doing here exactly?

She blinked and uttered:

I don’t have a place to go.

He expelled me. He had no desire to raise the kid. He claimed not to be prepared.

What time did this occur? Ron, who I didn’t know,

Two months have passed, she lamented. «Until I ran out of money, I was sleeping in a motel. I have to find work quickly.

He said, “Come with me.” You’re welcome to remain in my company.

Looking at his wedding ring, she remarked, “Joe, you can’t make this decision alone.” Who is she called? Have you got kids?


She is stunning. She is compassionate, perceptive, and, well, similar to you. She’ll comprehend, I’m certain.

No children?

Not yet, he answered. In two minutes, the train will arrive. Should we leave?

Before Maria and Joe can blink, the train ride is done, and they are standing at Joe’s front door.

It stunned Kathy to see him with his pregnant ex as she excitedly opened the door expecting to meet her husband.

Joe, what’s she doing here? Surprised, she enquired. Please let me know if she’s at the wrong address.

Please, Joe answered, “Maria is staying with us for a few days. She was expelled from the house by Ron. She is without a place to go.

NO, exclaimed Kathy. Joe, she has to leave. She has no place in this place.

Is it you, Joe, or her? Kathy asked him directly. «You decide. I’m leaving straight now if she goes in.

Kathy experienced a sense of her world collapsing as she watched her husband pause. She and Joe had tried infertility treatments for years without success. Had Maria’s pregnancy caused Joe to fall in love with her? Did that indicate that her marriage was in trouble?

I’ll deliver her to the hotel and then leave again. Finally, Joe said, “I could be late,” and he walked out.

Kathy went back to their room and sobbed the entire night. She was sorry for Maria. Maria was clearly in difficulty, but she was unable to assist her due to her wounded heart. It could damage her marriage.

Kathy met Pastor Richard the following day at church. She went to him for guidance whenever she was in need.

She expressed her anxiety to him by asking, “Father, what should I do?” after rejecting Maria.

Do you feel compelled to forgive her, little one? He then questioned her. Will you assist him?

She bowed.

«I do. However, her presence makes me fear that my husband will begin to grow distant from me. We are struggling to become pregnant.

Pastor Richard advised the little youngster to “believe in the Lord.” He imparts forgiveness and compassion. You ought to support this woman and have faith in your husband. If your spouse is not true to you, he will leave you whether or not this woman is around.

After giving it some thought, Kathy apologized to Joe that evening when he got home from work. She explained to him that she also wished to console Maria and lend a hand.

I don’t want to worry you with this, honey, so you don’t have to if you don’t want to, Joe stated.

Joe, it’s not that, Kathy remarked. I just have a lot of terrible feelings. But we must assist her. She is in urgent need of us. What if I were in that situation? I wouldn’t be content.

Joe embraced her. «Thank you, my sweetheart. I greatly appreciate it.

As a result, Joe and Kathy supported Maria during her last few weeks of pregnancy, and soon their home was filled with the sounds of a lovely baby boy.

Kathy forgot that the infant was not hers as she rocked him. Just by holding him, she immediately felt like a mother. She also offers to look after the child so Maria can complete her education.

She implored Maria, “You have to do it for your son.” He deserves affection and a decent home. I’ll aid you in the interim, along with Joe.

After abandoning her studies to spend time with Ron, Maria returned to finish medical school a year later. She was soon hired at a reputable hospital. She was able to get her life back on track by finding herself and her child a little apartment.

She got a call from Joe one day with some good news.

Joe over the phone informed her, “Twins.” We are expecting twins, Kathy and I. We recently returned from the doctor.

Maria congratulated the winner. I’m overjoyed for you two. My turn to assist Kathy is now. That’s fantastic!

As a result, Joe and Kathy had not one but two kids after years of ineffective fertility treatments, a miracle that resulted from their desire to aid those in need.