At the age of 45, a mom from Michigan with 14 sons gives birth to…

When Kateri Schwandt and her spouse, Jay Schwandt, started dating in high school, their relationship blossomed. In 1993, they finally got married and started their adventurous lives.

The West Michigan couple had been studying hard and had already given birth to three kids while still in college. They had no idea that there would be a lot more kids!

The proud parents of Tyler, Zach, Drew, Brandon, Tommy, Vinny, Calvan, Gabe, Wesley, Charlie, Luke, Tucker, Francisco, and Finley after almost 3 decades, Kateri and Jay.

They loved their 14 sons, but it wasn’t always simple. Mother Kateri had nearly given up on having a baby girl because she had spent the majority of her adult life in a home filled with boys.

In a 2014 interview with a news organization, Kateri stated:

«I think we would be shocked if we had a girl.»

But six years later, on their fifteenth attempt, the pair succeeded. Tyler, one of their boys, shared:

“My parents finally received the child girl they had always dreamed of having.”

A few hours after learning they were going to have a sister, Tyler acknowledged he was still struggling to process the information. There wasn’t anything pink in their home, and he didn’t think his parents had planned names for the girls.

Their greatest gift was her.

The lovely name was chosen by the couple. The baby girl’s name was Maggie Jayne. Jayne was a creative play on her father’s name, and Maggie was derived from Kateri’s second name, Margaret.

Thanks to their little angel, the delighted couple was over themselves with happiness. The pleased father expressed his feelings in a moving internet post:

«We are ecstatic to have Maggie Jayne join our family and are beyond happy. Maggie is the best gift we could have hoped for, but this year has been remarkable in so many other ways and for so many other reasons.

a modification for the brothers

Maggie is fortunate to have 14 brothers to look after her as she grows up. Beautiful family portraits demonstrate their strong bond and obvious unconditional love.

The brothers were aware that they would need to adapt in order to make room for their new sibling. They would first need to get used to lowering the toilet seat!

For many years, the family’s narrative had attracted a lot of media interest, and viewers had enjoyed watching their live-streaming program, 14 Outdoorsmen, which chronicled their experiences. They might need to change the show’s name due to the new member of the family.